If I hadn’t made it in music, I would have been a pornstar,’ says UK-based Nigerian rapper, Kida Kudz

On March 10, 2020, UK-based Nigerian rapper, Kida Kudz appeared on Trace Mint to promote his new EP, Nasty. During the interview, he was reminded of something he tweeted some years ago where he said that if doesn’t make it in music by 2018, he would become a pornstar.

While speaking on it, he confirmed that he actually had that intention. He says, “Two or three years ago, I tweeted that if I didn’t make it in music by 2018, I would become a pornstar and I was actually serious. Do you know what that means? That means this is the only thing I know, this is what I could do best…”

In the tweet, Kudz wrote that, “4 years ago I said to myself if I I don’t sign a major deal deal before I’m 22 I’m gonna move to LA and become a porn star haha. shout out to God for coming thru for me dis year. grateful.”

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